The Give Back Promise

Why Focus On Give Back

We describe Give Back as the act of giving effort, funds, or resources to addressing a pressing societal challenge, such as work to end poverty, maintain a healthy planet, restore polluted waters, improve educational access, fight for social justice, provide basic health needs, reduce hunger among our communities, and so much more. We strictly focus on socially conscious commerce and companies that commit to giving back to people, community and our planet. 

We do this for two reasons:

  1. We believe businesses should and can be forces for good. Many companies are working to actively improve one or more social challenges facing all of us. These companies are creating opportunities and making the intentional choice to build stronger communities, nourish healthier lives, and sustain a thriving planet.
  2. When consumers use their purchasing power to Give Back companies, more funding, effort, and resources are directed towards real work on the ground that improve our people, communities and planet. We call this “Dollar-To-Impact”, where our dollars spent as consumers are funding positive social impacts.

Furthermore, we believe socially responsible companies should be encouraged to demonstrate their good actions — the work they do to improve the communities they work in, the people they care for, and the ways they help to protect and revitalize the planet. This increased transparency shines a light on how companies are making positive social change and allows for a positive feedback loop with consumers.

Give Back Principles

We believe Give Back Companies are currently or working towards the following:

  1. Define and direct investment in a positive social benefit activity
  2. Identify social impact outcomes that are quantifiable and transparent
  3. Relate company and consumer purchase to clear social impact outcomes.

Our Give Back Goals

We set an audacious goal to encourage every person to make a shift towards progress. Each of us has the power to Give Back and can start simply by purchasing our everyday consumables from socially responsible companies working to improve our communities, health and planet. When we intentionally harness our purchase power, we are actively creating positive impact on the ground too. Without consumers, these companies cannot sustain their growth or Give Back efforts.

Give Back Criteria

Putting our principles into practice, our criteria for a Give Back Company are:

  1. Must clearly define its Give Back policy
  2. Must include the Give Back as part of the company mission
  3. Must identify the entities receiving the benefits (at minimum, must identify the overall benefit)

How Does HOVE Social Good Intelligence
Achieve This Goal?

As a team of data geeks from the environmental, biomedical and public health fields, we believe it’s time to innovate data in a way that helps us move the needle forward. We analyze non-traditionally grouped data — such as environment, health, and consumer action — to inspire simple actions that have a powerful impact. We work to:

  1. Connect customers to Give Back products through our Social Good Marketplace;
  2. Calculate a personalized Social Impact Footprint for our customers to help track their Give Back impact;
  3. Support companies by highlighting their Give Back efforts and helping to design meaningful data impact stories (i.e., data metrics to communicate a company and customer’s effective social impact outcomes*).

*Effective social impact outcome is defined as the specific outcome from the purchase of a single unit. More often than not, it is challenging to define the positive outcomes from giving a certain level of funding to a program or project. However, here we define outcomes as those measurable metrics that are connected to a positive impact. For example, the purchase of a pair of socks provides 18 months of clean water; a purchase of a granola bar provides a single book to a classroom; a purchase of a t-shirt plants 20 trees. This direct connection between purchase action and social impact is a vital one to show.

We Partner With Businesses Who Achieve
at Least One of the Following:

Dedicate a clear portion of the company’s sales or profits towards addressing a defined social mission or program (e.g., 1% towards sustainable forest management)

Adopt a sustainable supply and process chain that regenerates, does no harm, and improves our world (e.g., adopts fair labor practices; uses sustainable resources; commits to zero waste, etc.)

Direct resources to community programs that improve the well-being of people and the planet (e.g., supplies computers to craft artists; offers workshops to train business skills, teach sustainable farming, etc.)

Certified as B-Corp. B Corps are for-profit companies that meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.

Examples of How Companies Give Back

Provide training or workshop sessions to a community

Plant more trees to offset carbon emissions

plant trees
Build programs to help communities improve wages & education
Provide clean water, sanitation, and hygiene to communities
clean water
Establish programs to improve, regenerate, restore the land
Partner to fight childhood hunger with meal supplement bars
therapeutic food

Our Values

We highlight companies who are proactively creating positive programs, dedicating a clear portion of funds to organizations working on the ground, or adopting sustainable practices that regenerates and improves our world. We focus on Give Back companies because we value making progress towards our social challenges. These companies are taking steps to restore, fix, or improve conditions on the ground. We as consumers can be everyday heroes by using our purchase power to make a positive impact.

How Do We
Create Significant Progress?

Traditionally, corporations and government entities focus on giving or directing funds to address our social challenges (planet, people, poverty, education, etc.). And although these large entities play an important role, the connection between an individual’s impact and the projects or programs are commonly lost. We believe it is vital that each individual recognizes their own ability to make change. And one of the simplest and most accessible way is harnessing our daily purchasing power. HOVE Social Good believes a powerful link between an individual’s purchase and its positive social impact should be made. This allows all of us to focus on the positive impacts made by companies and consumers – and ALL of our ability to effect change.

The Ecosystem of
Sustainable Commerce

We learned from our social enterprise friends that social challenges and benefits are all connected. Improvement in one area can have a significant impact in another space. Every single company that works to Give Back plays a meaningful role in our living commerce ecosystem.



  • Focus on Give Back products

  • Demand transparency

  • Demand community driven outcomes


  • Give Back

  • Be transparent

  • Have measurable outcomes

  • Define connection between consumer purchase and the social impact outcome

The "Give Back Promise" is a trademark of HOVE Social Good Intelligence